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Dr. Vito Moreno, Dr. Wilson Chiu

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

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Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the manufacturing space by offering a new method to produce complex parts cheaper and faster than traditional methods. High strength and low density alloys such as Al6061 produced via AM are in high demand by various industries, however up to this point most research has been unable to deliver defect free parts due to their high thermal conductivities and rapid solidification rates. This work aims to characterize the Electron Beam Melting AM process in order to adapt it to these high conductivity materials and maintain consistent thermal profiles within the melting process. Finite element modeling of the thermal profiles developed within the melting process was performed and were validated through experimentation with Al6061 in the Arcam A2X. Comprehensive analysis of the material properties of the precursor powder and consolidated bulk samples was performed to determine the effects of processing. The results of the simulations and experimentation highlight the limitations of the Arcam EBM Control software, showing that the heat conduction out of the build area is too great to make use of the residual heat effect.

Major Advisor

Dr. Leila Ladani