High power high brightness laser diode system using fiber and micro-lens

Date of Completion

January 1997


Engineering, Electronics and Electrical|Physics, Optics




High power diode lasers have great potential in desk-top laser material processing due to their compact size, flexibility in beam delivery, high efficiency, and low price in mass production. An innovative high power high intensity diode laser system has been developed. This new design uses a Fourier transform coupling concept to acquire high power (over multi kW), and most importantly high intensity (in the range of 10$\sp6$W/cm$\sp2).$ This intensity level is a two orders of magnitude improvement over the current commercially available high power diode laser systems. Such a high intensity output makes it possible to replace the conventional gas or solid state lasers with diode lasers in many laser material processing applications. A diode laser sintering system has also been developed and demonstrated for the first time. ^