Once there was a writer. The narrative of Gabriel Garc\'\i a M\'arquez and the fairy tale: A comparative study (Erase una vez un escritor. La narrativa de Gabriel Garc\'\i a M\'arquez y el cuento maravilloso: Un estudio comparativo)

Date of Completion

January 1994


Literature, Latin American




A comparative study that seeks to systematically establish the intertextual relationships between the fairytale as a literary genre and two works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Cien anos de soledad and the stories included in La increible y triste historia de la candida Erendira y de su abuela desalmada. Both works, which form a homogeneous body of fiction, mark the point when the writer reaches stylistic maturity and total dominion of his trade.^ The study exposes from multiple points of view--narrative morphology, language and style--the intertextual dialogue that exists between the Colombian writer's narrative and the fairytale. It shows how such relationships model Garcia Marquez's stories. In addition, it explores the ways in which the author achieves the miracle of a narrative language that dissolves the limits separating the real and the marvelous, creating a consistent fictional universe.^ Ultimately, the study points the ways in which the narrative of Gabriel Garcia Marquez simultaneously adopts and subverts the canon of the wondertale. Therefore, such relationships warrant calling his stories anti-fairytales. ^