Date of Completion

January 1984


Education, Secondary




National reports on education have served as forums for society's perceptions of the educational system. In recent years, various constituencies have expended considerable time and effort upon the formulation of national reports regarding the status of education. The most important question that arises from an examination of these reports pertains to their link with the present curriculum.^ The purpose of this study was to determine to what degree the present secondary curriculum reflects the Basic Academic Competencies and Skills as stated in the national report, Academic Preparation for College (College Board, 1983), based upon perceptions of Connecticut secondary curriculum developers at the building and district levels.^ The sampled population was comprised of two groups. The first group, curriculum developers at the district level, consisted of assistant superintendents/directors in charge of curriculum/instruction in their districts. The second group, curriculum developers at the building level, consisted of secondary administrators who assumed major responsibility for curriculum development in their buildings.^ The sampled population was administered two questionnaires in order to determine if Academic Preparation for College described existing secondary curricular practices. In Questionnaire I, curriculum developers ranked in order of importance the six Basic Academic Competencies of Academic Preparation for College and selected the two most important skills within each competency. In Questionnaire II, curriculum developers identified components of Academic Preparation for College that were part of the present curriculum. Curriculum developers also speculated about the effect of Academic Preparation for College on future secondary curricular practices.^ This study revealed that Academic Preparation for College reflects current components of secondary curriculum. Because curriculum developers agreed that the present secondary curriculum reflected the Basic Academic Competencies and Skills, and identified curricular examples that developed those competencies and skills, it is possible for Academic Preparation for College to be used as a model for curriculum development. Specifically, the national report can provide a framework for the identification and development of competencies students will need to succeed in college.^ This study suggested that research could be conducted regarding the potential impact of this report and other national reports on secondary curricular practices. ^