Applications of standard gravity and conformal gravity

Date of Completion

January 2010


Physics, Astrophysics|Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics|Physics, Theory




In this Thesis, we explore a number of interesting problems in the study of gravitation. First, we explore the open question of the validity of alternative theories of gravitation through applying the Conformal Gravity theory to galactic rotation curve data. The Curves generated are fits that require no Dark Matter of external fitting parameters, and are of a universal nature with striking results. Next, we apply the standard linearized Einstein Gravity to the Ring Laser of Mallett to calculate the gravitational Faraday effect produced by the setup. Third, we apply the mathematics of general relativity to the field of transformation optics to yield a straight forward way to compute the geodesics for light rays traveling through transformative media. Lastly, we explore the standard gravitational formulation of covarientizing a space-time perfect fluid. We show that the calculation when performed in a curved space time using an incoherent averaging procedure does not return the standard perfect fluid form of the energy momentum tensor. ^