Expanding the scope and utility of the scientific microwave apparatus in organic synthesis: Reaction monitoring, scale-up and new methodology development

Date of Completion

January 2010


Chemistry, Organic




The work contained within this dissertation covers three broad areas in the continued development of the scientific microwave apparatus. A brief introduction of pertinent fundamental microwave background and theory is presented in Chapter 1, and a short background of microwave-assisted organic synthesis is described, including areas of recent growth, its widespread use, and contains a discussion of the range of equipment available to the organic chemist. ^ Three fundamental research areas are discussed. First, the interface of a Raman spectrometer with a commercially available scientific microwave apparatus is discussed in detail. The apparatus was used both qualitatively as a reaction-monitoring tool and as a quantitative tool for rapid kinetic studies. Second, the scale-up of microwave mediated organic reactions is discussed. Within the pharmaceutical industry, a great number of synthetic protocol are developed utilizing the scientific microwave. The scope and limitations of utilizing microwave heating, especially in batch reactors, is thoroughly examined and presented within this work. Finally, the development of novel synthetic methodologies utilizing microwave heating is presented. ^