High energy evolution of hadronic states

Date of Completion

January 2009


Physics, Theory|Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy




We study aspects of hadronic evolution in high energy physics. In chapter 1 we give an introduction to the subject, presenting DGLAP, BFKL and JIMWLK evolution equations. In chapter 2 we show that the evolution equation at high energy allows an interpretation, where the evolution acts on the S-matrix operator rather than on the hadronic wave function. This is analogous to the Heisenberg picture in Quantum Mechanics. We derive the KLWMIJ equation in this picture. In chapter 3 we derive the evolution equation for hadronic scattering amplitude at high energy which generalizes the previously known JIMWLK and KLWMIJ limits. Our derivation includes the nonlinear effects of finite partonic density in the hadronic wave function as well as the effect of multiple scatterings for scattering on dense hadronic target. Finally, in chapter 4 we study nucleus-nucleus collisions in the Hamiltonian formalism. Here we develop a Hamiltonian approach in a symmetric gauge. We show that the appearance of the longitudinal electric and magnetic fields immediately following the collision is fully taken into account in the eikonal approximation.^