An integrated framework for managing marketing productivity when selling through intermediary firms

Date of Completion

January 2008


Business Administration, Marketing




The objective of this doctoral dissertation is to propose a unique modeling framework to manage marketing productivity in business settings where the manufacturer or producer firm sells its products to consumers through intermediaries. The framework is comprised of two main components—a consumer demand model and an intermediary supply model. Integration of the two models within a single framework helps to account for the dynamics in interdependency between the manufacturer and the intermediary firm. Research studies to date have paid limited attention to this phenomenon. Consequently, this dissertation study addresses the gaps in previous research while demonstrating the usefulness of the proposed framework through an empirical study involving real-world problems and data. A distinguishing characteristic of the framework is that it can be implemented with only market level data which increases its scope for implementation across wide range of industries and markets including emerging markets where access to disaggregate level data is virtually impossible. ^