Myroslav Skoryk: Life and solo piano works

Date of Completion

January 2007


Biography|Music|Education, Music




This dissertation's subject is the life and solo piano works of internationally renowned Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk (b. 1938). Chapter 1 provides biographical data and a general synopsis of Skoryk's stylistic development, beginning with student works from the 1950s. Chapter 2 presents a chronological analysis of Skoryk's solo piano works, revealing his compositional style, recurring stylistic hallmarks, and general maturation, thereby revealing the composer's use of two disparate folk traditions: Ukrainian and American. Chapter 3 provides a detailed analysis of a representative work, the Burlesque (1963), focusing on the formal and harmonic practice utilized by Skoryk.^ The author's interviews with Myroslav Skoryk (December 2004) bring to light the composer's thoughts on his artistic and personal development and include a significant number of previously unrevealed insights. These interviews represent a notable addition to Skoryk scholarship. The Appendix provides necessary information for accessing the scores of the solo piano works discussed in this dissertation. ^