The role of appraisals, emotions, and coping in understanding experiences of workplace incivility

Date of Completion

January 2006


Psychology, Industrial




Theoretically grounded in both the cognitive-motivational-relational theory of emotions (Lazarus, 1991; 2001; Smith & Lazarus, 1990) and Affect Events Theory (Weiss & Cropanzano, 1996), the present research utilized multiple analytic techniques and positioned appraisals, emotions, and coping as key variables in understanding the experience of incivility at work. Data consisted of survey responses from a stratified random sample of 522 U.S. working professionals. The results captured the complexity of how workers respond to rude, disrespectful behaviors. The heuristic model developed was largely supported which helps to advance workplace mistreatment research and suggests possible strategies for organizations to maintain civil working environments. ^