Veronique Tadjo, Joachim Bohui Dali, Tanella Boni: Promethees pour une redefinition de la feminite africaine dans la poesie ivoirienne

Date of Completion

January 2004


Literature, Modern|Literature, African|Women's Studies




In the past two decades, Francophone African women's writings have shifted from testimonial narratives to more openly subversive voices critical of African traditional patriarchal societies. This feminist trend has undeniably allowed feminine writing to fit in the Ivorian literary experience. While they are not the first Ivorian women writers, Tadjo and Boni can be considered the founders of the feminist trend in Ivorian written poetry. Their poetic writings suggest a demarcation from the traditionalist scope. Dali (a male poet) takes this trend even further to suggest a radical feminist subversion to empower the rise of womanhood in today's Africa. This dissertation aims to explore the contribution of these three poets of the Ivory Coast in the debate on today's African women's identity. ^