An analysis of the information needs and information delivery preferences of college-bound secondary school students

Date of Completion

January 2004


Education, Administration|Education, Guidance and Counseling|Education, Technology of|Education, Higher




In this study, I investigated the effect of gender, year in high school, ethnicity, family income, academic ability, family educational background, college familiarity, geographic residence, living environment, and religious affiliation (the independent variables) on the college search and planning behaviors of college-bound high school students. Specifically, I examined these factors as they relate to students' postsecondary education plans and preferences, their perceptions of the level of the relative level of importance of various college characteristics in their decision making process, their assessments of the relative importance of having certain kinds of information available during the college search process, their preferences with regard to media for obtaining college information, sources and persons they rely upon to obtain important information about colleges, and how they use the Internet in their college search activities (the dependent variables.) ^ All of the independent variables except ethnicity were found to have a significant impact on all of the dependent variables. ^