Development and validation of a cladding-pumped fiber model using polygon-shaped fibers

Date of Completion

January 2003


Engineering, Electronics and Electrical|Physics, Optics




This dissertation presents a model for the design and analysis of complex shaped multiply-clad rare-earth doped fibers, as well as experimental data from four different fiber types, two novel to the literature. The goal of this work was to develop a modeling technique that will predict the performance of rare-earth doped fibers utilizing arbitrary pump clad shapes, dopant materials, dopant concentrations, and core designs. Rare-earth doped fibers were constructed to validate the model—measurements of the pump absorption, slope efficiency, conversion efficiency, quantum efficiency, and the lasing wavelength of the fibers were made. The simulation data from the model, consisting of the pump and lasing power evolution over the length of the fiber was compared to the experimental data to confirm the validity of the model. A high degree of correlation was found between the model data and the experimental data. ^