On A-movement

Date of Completion

January 2001


Language, Linguistics




In this dissertation I propose an account of the locality conditions on A-movement that is based on two recent developments within the Minimalist Program: the Multiple Spell-out hypothesis and the idea that A-movement, as opposed to A-bar movement does not leave a trace. The account I propose does not rely on minimality. Standard evidence for minimality in raising to subject is the supposed impossibility of raising over the experiencer in languages like Spanish. However, I show that raising over the experiencer is possible in Spanish. ^ I provide further evidence for the proposals I assume. On one hand, I use wanna-contraction and certain facts about do-support as further evidence for the Multiple Spell-out proposal. On the other hand I examine some standard arguments for A-movement reconstruction. I show that some standard arguments for A-movement reconstruction based on scope interactions have many interfering factors. I also show that some evidence for A-movement reconstruction based on binding can be easily accounted for under a derivational approach to binding relations. ^