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lesson planning, Tier Three, reading instruction, reading content, reading pedagogy, intensive instruction

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Allison Lombardi

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Brandi Simonsen

Associate Advisor

Michael Coyne

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Educational Psychology


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Reading, as a foundational skill for adolescents to have in order to compete in the labor market, has received great attention in the K-12 and postsecondary education research. The T-TIP (The Tier Three Instructional Planning Tool) is designed in alignment with the critical components of reading content and pedagogy for adolescents with reading difficulties in multi-tiered system of support. In the study, a single-subject AB multiple-baseline design across subjects will be utilized to investigate the effectiveness of T-TIP on teacher lesson planning, with a focus on corrective and elaborative feedback within Tier Three literacy instructional settings in secondary schools. Findings revealed that there is a functional relationship between T-TIP prompt and improving reading pedagogical behaviors (providing corrective and elaborative feedback) in intensive instruction. In addition, the social validity of the T-TIP demonstrated the acceptability and satisfaction in using T-TIP for teacher lesson planning and implementation of the instruction at Tier Three settings. The impact of the T-TIP on the frequency and sustainability of evidence-based reading instruction and teaching behaviors will be discussed along with the future research and recommendations.