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Military Geography, Geostrategy, Geopolitics, East Asia, Asian Pacific, Alliance

Major Advisor

Nathaniel Trumbull

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William Berentsen

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Alexis Dudden

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


The United States maintains several military alliances with states in the Asian Pacific in support of national defense and stable regional security. In the post-Cold War period the region has witnessed a significant rise in interstate disputes as China attempts to expand its regional influence utilizing the states larger, ever more modern military. This research examines the existing regional military alliances of the United States to determine if alternations should be made in the context of a rising and belligerent China. Utilizing an analysis of each allied states military capabilities, spending on defense, and public support for United States regional policies, this research provides guidance on the future of each of the existing military alliances of the United States in the region. Furthermore, the research provides guidance on the transformation of a select few of these existing bi-lateral alliances to be unified into a multi-lateral alliance structure to ensure American and regional security remains vigilant and stable in the years ahead.

Available for download on Sunday, August 03, 2025