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QCD, nuclei, parton, characteristic time, haronization

Major Advisor

Kyungseon Joo

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William K.Brooks

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Richard Jones

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Propagation of partons and formation of hadrons is a topic of interest to multiple communities. New data available from Drell-Yan measurements at FermiLab, heavy ion collisions in RHIC and LHC, SIDIS measurements from HERMES at DESY and Jefferson Lab, all bring different types of information on short distance processes. DIS data obtained in the well understood nuclear medium provide direct information on hadron formation, essential to lay the groundwork for testing theoretical tools. A series of semi-inclusive DIS measurements were performed on D, C, Fe, Pb nuclei. The data were collected during the EG2 run period using the CLAS at Jefferson Lab. A double-target system consisting of liquid deuterium and one of the solid targets was exposed to a 5.014 GeV electron beam. The goal of the experiment is to extract hadronic multiplicity ratios (RAh ) off nuclei of varying size. These are believed to have sensitivity to the parton fragmentation as well as in-medium hadronization.