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Mathematical Physics, Spectral Theory, Quantum Information, Analysis on Graphs and Fractals, Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems

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Alexander Teplyaev

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Gerald Dunne

Associate Advisor

Luke Rogers

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Maria Gordina

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Doctor of Philosophy

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The primary goal of my thesis is to study the interplay between properties of physical systems (mostly for quantum information processing) and the geometry of these systems. The ambient spaces I have been working with are fractal-type graphs. In many cases analytic computations can be done on these graphs due to their self-similarity. Different scenarios are investigated.

  • Perfect Quantum State Transfer on Graphs and Fractals: We are concerned with identifying graphs and Hamiltonian operators properties that guarantee a perfect quantum state transfer.

  • Toda lattices on weighted Z-graded graphs: We study discrete one dimensional nonlinear equations and their lifts to Z-graded graphs. We prove the existence of radial solitons on Z-graded graphs.

  • Snowflake Domain with Boundary and Interior Energies: We investigate the impact of the fractal boundary on the eigenfunctions of a discrete Laplacian on the Koch Snowflake Domain that takes into account both the interior and the fractal boundary.

  • Harmonic Gradients on Higher Dimensional Sierpinski Gaskets: This project studies the connection between the regularity of a Laplacian of a function and the pointwise existence of its harmonic gradient.

Gamal Mograby Thesis revised version Sep 14th 2020.pdf (4305 kB)
Revised thesis version 14th September Gamal Mograby