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classroom management practices, treatment fidelity, implementation supports, emailed prompts, verbal prompts

Major Advisor

Lisa Sanetti

Associate Advisor

Brandi Simonsen

Associate Advisor

Melissa Collier-Meek

Field of Study

Educational Psychology


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Decades of research has shown that teachers’ classroom management practices are critical for students’ performance in class. Despite the development, evaluation, and dissemination of classroom management practices, teachers struggle to implement these practices and need implementation supports. To address this issue, there has been a growth of implementation strategies for teachers in the literature. However, a need for effective, efficient, and socially valid implementation supports persists. Emailed prompting is a feasible, ongoing implementation strategy for classroom management practices. Previous studies have examined its effects on the implementation of the Good Behavior Game and responsive behavioral strategies. This study extended these research lines by evaluating the effectiveness of emailed prompting on teachers’ delivery of verbal prompts for increasing students’ target behavior in an alternative setting. Toexamine the effectiveness of emailed prompts, an A-B-C multiple baseline across participants design was conducted, which included a baseline phase, a didactic training phase, and an emailed prompts phase. Due to COVID-19, not all phases were completed. Student outcomes and social validity were also evaluated.