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lattice QCD, muon g-2, hadronic vacuum polorization, hadronic light-by-light

Major Advisor

Thomas Blum

Co-Major Advisor

Luchang Jin

Associate Advisor

Gerald Dunne

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


The hadronic vacuum polorization (HVP) contribution and long-distance hadronic light-by-light (HLbL) scattering contribution to the muon anomalus magnetic moment are evaluated by using lattice QCD. The HVP calculations are performed with 2+1+1 flavors of HISQ fermions at the physical pion mass from three ensembles, generated by the MILC collaboration. In the long-distance part of the HLbL contribution, we replace the QCD, four-current connected Green’s function from previous HLbL study with the product of two independent πγγ amplitudes, which are joined by an analytic, position space pion propagator. The calculations are performed with near physical pion mass on four different lattice ensembles, which are generated by RBC/UKQCD Collaboration.