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Correlative Microscopy; FEA; In-situ Testing; Micro-electronics;

Major Advisor

Sina Shahbazmohamadi

Associate Advisor

Michael Accorsi

Associate Advisor

Jasna Jankovic

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Trillions of micro- and nano-electronic devices are manufactured every year. They service countless electronic systems across a diverse range of applications ranging from civilian, military, and medical sectors. Examples of these devices include: packaged and board-mounted semiconductor devices such as ceramic capacitors, CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, etc., biomedical implantable electrochemical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and neural stimulators, electromechanical sensors such as MEMS/NEMS accelerometers and positioning systems and many others. Though a diverse collection of devices, they are unified by their length scale. Particularly, with respect to the ever-present objectives of device miniaturization and performance improvement. Pressures to meet these objectives have left significant room for the development of widely applicable inspection and evaluation techniques to accurately and reliably probe new and failed devices on an ever-shrinking length scale. Presented in this study is a framework of correlative, cross-modality microscopy workflows coupled with novel in-situ experimentation and testing, and computational reverse engineering and modeling methods, aimed at addressing the current and future challenges of evaluating micro- and nano-electronic devices. The current challenges are presented through a unique series of micro- and nano-electronic devices from a wide range of applications with ties to industrial relevance. Solutions were reached for the challenges and through the development of these workflows, they were successfully expanded to areas outside the immediate area of the original project. Limitations on techniques and capabilities were noted to contextualize the applicability of these workflows to other current and future challenges.