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Porphyrin, Chlorin, Bacteriochlorin, Expanded Bacteriochlorins, Porphyrinoids, Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrins, Aromatic Macrocycles, Heterocycles, Synthetic Methods, Spectroscopic Methods

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Prof. Christian Brückner

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Prof. Amy R. Howell

Associate Advisor

Prof. Mark W. Peczuh

Associate Advisor

Prof. Alfredo Angeles-Boza

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


This dissertation focuses on the development of new synthetic methodologies for the preparation of meso-tetraaryl­bacterio­chlorin analogs in which one or two opposite pyrrollic moieties were formally replaced by non-pyrrolic groups, such as morpholine, indanone, oxazolone. In particular, starting form the osmylation of porpyrins, to generate bacteriochlorin tetraols, the first syntheses of ring-expanded and ring-cleaved bacteriochlorin derivatives are discussed. Solid-state structures of most of these compounds were determined, and the underlined structure photo­physical property relationships were studied.

This dissertation introduces a number of novel bacteriochlorin chromophores with singnificantly red-shifted UV-visible spectra compared to their starting porphyrinoids. Thus, their facile availability, relative chemical stability and optical properties suggest their uses in artificial light-harvesting and biomedical applications.