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Linguistics, Syntax, Language Acquisition, Comparatives, Tough Constructions, Operator Movement

Major Advisor

Željko Bošković

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Jonathan David Bobaljik

Associate Advisor

William Snyder

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


This thesis investigates cross-linguistic variation regarding null operator (Op) movement constructions, in particular comparatives and tough constructions, focusing on their syntactic structure and their acquisition by children. Through a cross-linguistic survey, I show that Degree Clausal Comparatives (DCC) and English-type tough constructions are not allowed in languages without articles. I argue that due to lack of the DP layer, such languages cannot form a Complex Null Op (CNO), which I argue is necessary in the derivation of such constructions. In terms of parameter setting in language acquisition, an English-learner, then, would have to switch the value to a more marked value, i.e. from [-CNO] to [+CNO], in order to produce/comprehend DCC and tough constructions. Based on this, this thesis also investigates the acquisition of clausal comparatives and tough constructions.