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International Development, Africa, Foreign Aid, Ownership

Major Advisor

Shareen Hertel

Associate Advisor

Manisha Desai

Associate Advisor

Jennifer Sterling-Folker

Associate Advisor

Jane Gordon

Associate Advisor

Susan Randolph

Field of Study

Political science


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Abstract: What is ownership of development and how does it operate in aid-dependent Africa? This dissertation examines the various power structures and agents that shape development in aid-dependent Africa through the lens of Ownership of Development. Using Burkina Faso and Kenya as country case studies and the health sector as the standard case for comparison, I argued that the ownership paradigm precludes the end of the development industry making the teleological ends of development exist only as a chimera, while the inherent discourse reifies the underdeveloped subject in Africa. I develop this argument based on seventy-five original interviews with government officials, civil society organizations, and donors in Burkina Faso and Kenya’s health sector.