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Coach, teacher emotion, teacher perception, emotion, perception, feeling, coaching, teacher coaching, leader, administrator, instructional leadership, teacher development, professional development

Major Advisor

Sarah Woulfin

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Robert Villanova

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Morgaen Donaldson

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Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)


Doctor of Education

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Open Access


Coaching is a strategy employed by districts to improve teacher skill and advance student learning. Despite widespread adoption of coaching, research has not yet explored teachers' emotional responses to coaching, which may impact the success of the coaching practice. This study examines teacher emotions by examining teacher perception of coaching and coinciding emotional response to those perceptions. Using the qualitative case study method, I examined 9 teachers across 3 schools. I found that perception and emotional response were shaped by more than the current coaching practice. Instead, teachers engaged in a mental bookkeeping process, in which perceptions of prior coaching influenced their emotional responses to current coaching.