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Parent Presence, Invasive Procedures, Synergy Model, PERCS Program

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Thomas Van Hoof

Associate Advisor

Sandra Bellini

Associate Advisor

Sunah Hwang

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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Open Access


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a multifaceted intervention in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Research question #1 was: Does the implementation of a Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) promoting parent presence during invasive NICU procedures implemented through a multifaceted educational intervention increase healthcare provider comfort with parent presence? The second research question was: Is parent emotional experience associated with being present during invasive NICU procedures different after the implementation of a CPG? The theoretical framework used was the AACN’s Synergy Model for Patient Care.

The study was a time series design that occurred over a six-month period. The intervention involved the dissemination of an existing CPG, an educational initiative, laminated clinician reminder pocket cards, and feedback of performance measurement and process of care data.

The research questions were answered using the mixed model method of repeated measures ANOVA. Healthcare providers reported a significant increase in comfort with offering parent presence during invasive procedures (p