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labeling, food marketing, consumer behavior

Major Advisor

Benjamin Campbell

Associate Advisor

Rigoberto Lopez

Associate Advisor

Yizao Liu

Associate Advisor

Adam Rabinowitz

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Agricultural and Resource Economics


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


The difference in product attributes presented by different labels represents an important factor for consumers when making a purchase decision. Research has shown that a greater variety of options can cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences (Lancaster 1990). That is, with different product attributes, the quality of the product, as perceived by consumers, increases. However, providing consumers with more information on the product’s attributes does not necessarily imply a direct effect on their preference ordering. Other emotional triggers may drive the purchase decision and can be hard for the researcher to capture.

The current dissertation continues a long line of previous work that have focused on consumer’s perceptions of different labels for both food and plants products, and how their perception of these labels can have a direct impact on their buying decision.