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Actuarial Application, Agent Based Modeling, Underwriting Cycle, Call Center, Delaying Retirement, Enterprise Risk Management

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Jeyaraj Vadiveloo

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Emiliano Valdez

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Guojun Gan

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Doctor of Philosophy

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My dissertation focuses on agent based modeling and its practical applications in actuarial science research. Agent Based Modeling has been studied in various academic disciplines. Areas such as sociology, psychology and public policy all have utilized this methodology. In actuarial science, researchers and practitioners have recognized the value of the method but still struggle with formulating a research problem where this approach can be used and implemented. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, agent based modeling lacks a sound theoretical formulation. While there are various sources that introduce agent based modeling in the literature, none of them provide a detailed structured formulation on how to perform the modeling. Secondly, there is virtually no research on agent based modeling technique with applications in actuarial science. My dissertation is trying to fill that gap by providing the theoretical formulation for agent based modeling as well as its relevance to various actuarial applications.