All materials in the institutional repository are protected by copyright. Copyright is held by the author(s) of the documents, unless otherwise indicated.

In general, you have the right to download and print a personal copy of materials in the repository. Unless otherwise indicated, you do not have the right to make additional copies, post, or distribute any of the materials, unless the contemplated use meets a reasonable determination of fair use or other legal exceptions. Uses of repository content exceeding these exceptions require permission from the copyright holder. You are welcome to link to or share links to DigitalCommons@UConn materials with others.

Citing DigitalCommons@UConn

Citations of materials that do not provide other publication information should include the following information:

  • Author (if any)
  • Title
  • Date (each document is assigned a date)
  • Name of the site: DigitalCommons@UConn
  • Group responsible for the site: University of Connecticut Libraries
  • Date of access
  • Address of the document, which will usually start with (but see below for exceptions).

Below are two examples. The first is for a document that is not published elsewhere. The second is for a journal article which has been published online. For each example, the MLA style is used.

David, Carl W. “Electrostatics for Chemists.” DigitalCommons@UConn. August 2006 (date of publication). University of Connecticut. 18 August 2006 (date of access).

Elder, Crawford. “Ontology and Realism about Modality.” Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 77, No.3, September 1999 (date of publication). 18 August 2006 (date of access).

Note that for the second example, even though the article may have been accessed via Digital Commons @ UConn, the citation is to the original publication source. Citations of materials in the repository that are published elsewhere should cite the original publication source, which should be indicated on the cover page for the given document. If no publication information is provided, follow the guidelines for unpublished materials.

The layout or format of a citation will depend on the style being used. See this site for known style formats.