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Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Health Psychology | Psychology | Public Health | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology


Forty-six individuals with a history of injection drug use participated in a questionnaire and an interview study assessing their HIV risk behaviors, and their HIV risk and prevention information, motivation, and behavioral skills related to injection drug use and sexual behavior. High levels of past and current risky injection drug use and sexual behavior were reported. HIV risk reduction information was generally high, and many participants reported proprevention attitudes and supportive perceived norms toward HIV risk reduction behaviors. However, many did not intend to engage in these preventive behaviors, and some reported deficits in prevention behavioral skills. Interview data revealed the presence of many perceived barriers to safer injection and sexual behaviors. These included both withdrawal-related concerns, and concerns about negative social consequences of engaging in safer behaviors. Possible ways of incorporating these findings into interventions for reducing risk behaviors in seropositive injection drug users are discussed.