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From Sea to Table: Fish, Shellfish and sea vegetables from local waters

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Editor's column

Table of contents

Creative.chefs.pdf (484 kB)
Creative chefs, retailers and savvy customers seek more Connecticut seafood

Dealers'.challenge.pdf (358 kB)
Dealers' challenge: matching supply, demand for old favorites, newly plentiful fish

Seafood.survey.pdf (269 kB)
Too few residents taking advantage of local seafood bounty

kelp.pdf (144 kB)
Long Island Sound cuisine extends beyond fish and shellfish to trendy sea vegetable

Clamming.pdf (359 kB)
The joy of being a hunter-gatherer of the sandy, salty realm

RECIPES.ofthe.SEA.pdf (387 kB)
Recipes of the sea

Writer bios & photo contest information

Connecticut's top species.pdf (194 kB)
Connecticut's top dozen commercial species in 2016

Market blitz article.pdf (541 kB)
First-ever 'market blitz' tallies availability of local seafood

Fish consumption.pdf (31 kB)
Fish consumption advisory from Connecticut Department of Public Health

wracklines Spring 2018 5_7 RECIPES.pdf (4177 kB)
More recipes of the sea