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Investigating the Music Learning Journeys of a Student from Cyprus: a Case Study


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The purpose of this case study was to explore the music-making and learning practices of a male elementary student from Cyprus in different settings, inside and outside school. It considers that individuals take many different pathways to become musicians. Their journeys might include contexts in a broad educational spectrum from highly structured and sequential, to informal, and enculturating. The study investigated the characteristics and practices of the diverse teaching-learning contexts involving the participant, the intersection of those settings, and the student's perceptions, feelings, and thoughts about the value of music experiences in those settings for his musical growth. The study considered school music classes, private piano lessons, community choir rehearsals, traditional folk dance ensembles, drum exploration, and writing musical arrangements at home. Thematic analysis revealed the influences from others that motivated student's attendance and continuation in music classes. Specifically, the research considered the elements inherent to the settings themselves, and the factors that affected his persistence in music learning and supported his musical growth. The participant's enjoyment and valuing of the music settings were connected to his need for active and meaningful participation through which he could express his musical ideas.