Date of Completion

Summer 6-12-2015

Project Advisor(s)

Shalabh Gupta; Ashwin Dani; Robert McCartney

University Scholar Major

Computer Science and Engineering


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Computational Engineering | Controls and Control Theory | Electrical and Electronics | Navigation, Guidance, Control and Dynamics | Systems and Communications | Systems Architecture | Theory and Algorithms


This report aims to demonstrate the feasibility of building a global 3-D map from multiple UAV robots in a GPS-denied, indoor environment. Presented are the design of each robot and the reasoning behind choosing its hardware and software components, the process in which a single robot obtains a individual 3-D map entirely onboard, and lastly how the mapping concept is extended to multiple robotic agents to form a global 3-D map using a centralized server. In the latter section, this report focuses on two algorithms, Online Mapping and Map Fusion, developed to facilitate the cooperative approach. A limited selection of experiments and test results are also presented to demonstrate application of these algorithms in a real-world setting.