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This report focuses on occupational disease reports from 2009 and 2008, and recent trends in reported cases. It does not address traumatic occupational injuries, which are addressed in the annual report on occupational injuries and illnesses by the Connecticut Department of Labor ( Occupational diseases are typically harder to detect than injuries, since they often occur over longer periods of time, and can have multiple (including non-occupational) risks. Therefore, this report uses data from three primary sources as a way of establishing a more complete picture of occupational disease: Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury cases (WCC), physicians’ reports under the Occupational Illnesses and Injury Surveillance System (OIISS), and the Bureau of Labor Statistics/Conn-OSHA Annual Survey.


This report covers data for 2009 and was prepared under contract for the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, John A. Mastropietro, Chairman, as part of the Occupational Disease Surveillance Program, operated in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Labor and the Connecticut Department of Public Health by Tim Morse, Ph.D., Professor Paula Schenck, MPH Occupational and Environmental Health Center and Department of Community Medicine University of Connecticut Health Center Farmington, CT 06030-6210