Date of Completion


Thesis Advisor(s)

Dr. Alexis Boylan

Honors Major

Art History


Arts and Humanities | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology


Taking the form of a podcast, Museum Talk: Conversations Regarding Art Museums’ Practices and Policies aims to explore the ways in which art museums have upheld racist policies, excluded BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals from their spaces, but also investigate what these institutions can do to become more welcoming and comfortable to people across all identities. With interviews from artists, activists, and scholars from various establishments, each guest provides their own perspectives, opinions, and personal experiences on the topic, which is beneficial to understanding the ways in which art museums are failing and what can be done better. Overall, the goal of Museum Talk is to expand upon the already existing dialogues surrounding this topic and inspire listeners to be more critical of art museums while participating in these spaces. Persuading art museums to change their ways is a difficult challenge, however, it can be accomplished when those who care about these institutions come together and voice their concerns and expectations.