Date of Completion

Winter 12-9-2019

Thesis Advisor(s)

Valerie Duffy

Honors Major



Dental caries are highly prevalent worldwide, across all age and race/ethnicity groups. A relationship between caries and obesity has been found, with overall diet quality being one factor linking this relationship. The need for widespread changes in behavior regarding oral care and nutrition behaviors among youth is evident. These behaviors are not only determinants for dental health but overall health. The variation in self-reported behaviors and liking using a rapid diet and lifestyle screener, the Pediatric Adapted Liking Survey, provides opportunity for the provision of tailored messages. Literature signifies that these are most efficacious when they are theory based, leading to the application of the theory of planned behavior and self-determination theory for purposes of this study. Preliminary data showed these targeted behavioral interventions to be feasible, having considerable potential for application in waiting rooms across many clinical settings.