Date of Completion

Summer 8-31-2015

Thesis Advisor(s)

Ray DiCapua, Sean Forbes, Deborah Dancy, Cora Lynn Deibler, Laurie Sloan

Honors Major



Art Practice | Book and Paper | Poetry


I will conduct research about color, light, and atmosphere in a series of realistic landscape paintings. I will also write poetry and prose to narrate how I respond to my environment, and to reflect upon my work and how it is developing in that atmosphere. I will visit both Renaissance and contemporary museums and galleries. This will help me to learn more about the pluralistic culture in Italy, and how the dialogue between the old masters and new thinkers might function in my own work. Afterward, I will continue to develop my research by creating a final series of paintings to be exhibited at galleries. In addition to my paintings, I will hand-bind a few limited edition books of poetry or prose, to be displayed in conjunction with the paintings.

My process will include a lot of production and research in the beginning, and further development, trimming, and editing at the completion of the fall semester. During my time in Italy, I will produce the raw materials—oil studies and more fully realized paintings, as well as pages of prose and poetry. Once I return to the US, in August and early September, I will review the material I have to work with. Which paintings feel resolved? Which need further development, or inspire extended work? I will also go through the writing I’ve produced, choosing what I think is the strongest material.