Date of Completion

Spring 5-9-2010

Thesis Advisor(s)

Ramesh Sankaranarayanan

Honors Major

Business Administration


Business | Management Information Systems


Viewing sports on television is a very different experience than viewing a game in-person. Sports commentators on television are seemingly able to pull up random statistics as soon as something unexpected happens during a game. Because these statistics are discussed on television, any sports fan who wants to watch a game in-person misses out on the opportunity to hear them during the game. This study identifies what statistics, both common and uncommon, are considered important or interesting by avid sports fans who watch a particular sport at least two times per week. In addition, it considers the rise of mobile technology and the effects that this change of trend will have on business opportunities and experiences. The purpose of the project is to find a way to mimic the television viewing experience for fans who are watching in-person through the use of mobile technology, and in particular through the use of iPhone applications.