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This archive contains the supporting data for figures in the manuscript "Mixing of the Connecticut River plume during ambient flood tides: Spatial heterogeneity and contributions of bottom-generated and interfacial mixing" by Michael M. Whitney. The objectives of this modeling study are 1) characterizing the spatial heterogeneity of turbulent buoyancy fluxes, 2) partitioning turbulent buoyancy fluxes into bottom-generated and interfacial shear contributions, and 3) quantifying contributions to plume-integrated mixing within the tidal plume. Data are from the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) results for idealized model configurations. The Zip file ( contains MATLAB data files, which are named FigureXX_data.mat. Variable names and units correspond to graphed data of each figure in manuscript. Full descriptions of research methods and results are included in manuscript. (112064 kB)
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