Storm In A Teacup: The Climate of ESG Resources

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Collection Development and Management


The session will include guided discussion among a panel of library professionals on ESG as a concept, practical usage of ESG data within library contexts, and recommendations for navigating the competitive space of ESG data providers. As a concept, ESG data intersects with various disciplines such as economics, sustainability, ethics, finance, politics, and law. Our panelist experiences with such intersections show the versatility of ESG data for use in library research assistance and instruction.

The kaleidoscopic landscape of data providers for ESG presents many intimidating challenges for library professionals. As a market, ESG data is becoming increasingly saturated, with many ESG scoring systems sold and developed by vendors with varying backgrounds and intentions. The panelists' experiences will help shed light on challenges in navigating ESG data providers that impact how they are used in a library setting. Some challenges include the level of transparency, quality of data, research reproducibility, and equity.

Our panelists are experienced in working directly with ESG data providers, assisting faculty publishing research using ESG data, and facilitating instruction using ESG data. The panel will involve discussion among the panelists, and allow our audience to ask questions and share their knowledge of ESG data. We hope to increase attendees' confidence in their ability to address ESG-related questions, given the likelihood of interest in ESG resources.


Part of Business Reference in Academic Libraries (BRASS) Fall/Winter 2022 Online Symposium.