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Commercial Law | Comparative and Foreign Law


After the Enron case and PATRIOT Act of 2001, enforcement of the FCPA by the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission around the world was increased. The role of compliance function in the US companies was seriously reconsidered which has led to non-obligatory but very desired development of robust compliance systems inside organizations.

In this paper, I will briefly discuss the FCPA basics, the necessity of compliance programs inside organizations and will look through statistics that companies are willing to adopt these programs, the US legislation regarding compliance programs in the organizations. Then, I will deepen into two FCPA cases in Ukraine and Russia, their development, and peculiarities. Further, we will talk about the corruption general situation in the Eastern Europe region, and specifically in the mentioned countries which will put the discussed cases into the context of the environment where they arose. In the last part, I will discuss the FCPA enforcement tendencies in the world.