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Dr. Michael Pettes, Dr. Prabhakar Singh

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Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

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Investigations into the effects of fuel and air side contaminants within a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) were conducted via the introduction of selected contaminants in a controlled environment. Results show low electrical costs for hydrogen (>99% purity) production (<$2.00/kg), while utilizing the electrochemical separation of CO in a pulsed hydrogen pump system. Mitigation techniques within a PEMFC have shown a reduction in the voltage loss by a factor of 5 while operating with 1% CO at 400 mA/cm2. Lastly, cation contaminants were observed to accelerate the pitting corrosion on the aluminum sublayer of gold plated aluminum, within an acidic PEMFC simulated environment.

Major Advisor

Dr. Ugur Pasaogullari