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Dr. Cameron L. Faustman and Dr. Thomas A. Hoagland

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Animal Science


Master of Science

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Open Access


Four plant derived compounds, namely carvacrol (CAR), trans-cinnamaldehyde (TC), eugenol (EUG) and β-resorcylic acid (BR) were investigated as wash treatments for reducing Salmonella spp. on tomatoes. In addition, the efficacy of TC and CAR in inactivating E. coli O157:H7 and L. monocytogenes on iceberg lettuce in the presence and absence of 10% organic matter was studied. Results suggest that CAR, TC, EUG and BR were effective in rapidly reducing large populations of Salmonella spp. on tomatoes when used in wash water, and CAR rapidly decreased E. coli O157: H7 and L. monocytogenes populations on lettuce even in the presence of organic matter. The efficacy of aforementioned plant compounds for decontaminating fresh produce should be validated under commercial settings. In addition, extensive sensory and storage studies of fresh produce treated with plant compounds are warranted before recommending their usage in the produce industry.

Major Advisor

Dr. Kumar Venkitanarayanan