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Michael Accorsi; Jeong-Ho Kim

Field of Study

Civil Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


This thesis presents a strain-rate dependent two-surface plasticity constitutive model for clays based on the critical-state soil mechanics. The model reproduces the mechanical response of clays under multi-axial loading conditions and predicts both drained and undrained behaviors at small and large strains. Model parameter values are determined for Boston Blue Clay, London Clay and Kaolin Clay. The performance of the model in simulating the mechanical response of clays is demonstrated for a variety of strain rates. Sensitivity of each model parameter is checked for ±5, ±10 and ±20% of the deterministic values. Probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo simulations were done to study the model performance. The probability distributions of undrained shear strength were obtained through random selection of model parameters that follow normal and uniform probability distribution functions.

Major Advisor

Dipanjan Basu