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Yaakov Bar-Shalom; John L. Morrison; Jon P. Christophersen

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


Energy storage devices such as rechargeable Lithium ion batteries are assuming an increasingly prominent role in society, covering applications from electric / hybrid electric vehicles to personal portable electronics. In response to this increasing demand, technologies that monitor battery health and remaining useful life have developed. One such system is the Smart Battery Status Monitor (SBSM), developed by the Idaho National Laboratory, Montana Tech and Qualtech Systems, Inc. The SBSM utilizes impedance spectrum measurements using a subsystem called the Impedance Measurement Box (IMB). The impedance measurements are complex quantities (having both a resistive and a reactive component) and are made at ultra-low frequencies (~0.01Hz). As such, a major technical challenge has been the development of an effective robust calibration procedure. This thesis presents the realization of just such a procedure where successful calibration of both the resistive and the reactive components is accomplished using purely resistive calibration shunts.

Major Advisor

Krishna R. Pattipati