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Mohammad H. Tehranipoor; Zhijie J. Shi

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


The advancing performance and lowering costs required to implement additional processing power on system peripherals such as disk drives are increasingly allowing additional computing ability to be located directly on individual drives. Active Storage attempts to take advantage of this excess by moving some computationally intensive applications directly to the disk drives. This can remove the bottlenecks seen through interconnects between the drives and the CPU of an initiating system as well as remove the need for systems to handle these applications.

The contributions of this thesis are in two areas. The first is the development of a framework designed to enable active storage utilizing the iSCSI T10 OSD standard for eventual integration into this standard. The framework supports multiple programming languages with a focus on flexibility and security. This thesis then details and implements a novel solid state disk caching scheme utilizing the same iSCSI OSD standard which focuses on small file performance and latency improvements.

Major Advisor

John A. Chandy