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Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko, Dr. Carl Coelho, Dr. Emily Myers

Field of Study

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences


Master of Arts

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Open Access


The goal of the present study is to provide a comprehensive overview of how speech-language pathologists (SLP) are currently assessing, treating, and discharging patients with mild aphasia. In addition, the present study aims to learn which factors may be limiting SLP involvement with this population and how, as a field, we can better serve these patients. A 26-question survey, consisting of both open-ended and closed ended questions, was developed and distributed via email and social media to selected groups of speech-language pathologists. A total of 133 speech-language pathologists responded to the survey. Reports of assessment, treatment, and discharge procedures were diverse; however, a number of central themes were observed. Speech language pathologists are currently emphasizing greater use of informal measures in assessing people with mild aphasia as compared to people with more severe forms of aphasia. Discharge procedures and recommendations were found to involve primarily referrals to the next level of care, recommendations for continued social interaction, and maintenance programs to preserve treatment progress. Speech-language pathologists reported the need for additional assessment tools and resources in order to better serve people with mild aphasia. Information gathered in this survey can be used in making recommendations and changes to current practice in order to improve how speech-language pathologists are providing services to individuals with mild aphasia.

Major Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko