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Dr. Thomas D. Taylor, Dr. Sejal Thacker, Dr. Efthimia Ioannidou

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Dental Science


Master of Science

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AIM: To compare, clinically and radiographically, short dental implants (6 mm) to long implants (11-15 mm) placed with sinus grafting.

METHODS: Participants with 5-7 mm of bone height in the posterior maxilla were randomly allocated to receive short implants (GS) or long implants with sinus grafting (GG). Implants were loaded with single crowns 6 months after placement (PR). Patients were re-evaluated up tp 60 months after loading (FU-5 years). Outcome variables included: marginal bone level alteration (MBL), implant success and survival rate, periodontal probing depth (PPD), bleeding on probing (BoP), plaque control record (PCR) and crown-to-implant ratios (C/I). Statistical analysis was performed using non-parametric tests.

RESULTS: 13 patients, 15 implants were re-evaluated at FU-5 years. Intergroup comparison reported no statistical differences in marginal bone loss from baseline to 5 years (GS,-0.33 ± 0.29/GG, +0.32 ± 0.9, p=0.233). No statistical differences were found for PD, BoP and PCR.

CONCLUSION: Both treatment modality provided similar outcomes.

Major Advisor

Dr. Thomas D. Taylor