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Rebecca Quardokus, Rajeswari Kasi

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Master of Science

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Open Access


Bovine serum albumin was cross-linked under controlled conditions to form protein colloidal nanoparticles, and particle size has been controlled from 20 to 100 ± 10 nm by choosing appropriate reaction conditions. The particles are then labeled with a small set of fluorescent dyes and the absorption as well as the emission wavelengths of the colloids (GlowDots) are controlled without changing the particle size, unlike quantum dots. GlowDots are convenient for cellular imaging and therefore, we examined their photochemcial stabilities under defined sets of conditions. For example, GlowDots that have peak absorption wavelengths at 494, 543, and 576 had sufficient stabilities and irradiation of the particles at their peak absorption wavelengths over 30 minutes indicated only 10% loss. Thus, the particles have low photobleaching quantum yields (

Major Advisor

Challa V. Kumar