The investigation of factors that support adherence to physical activity in the worksite

Date of Completion

January 2001


Health Sciences, Public Health|Health Sciences, Recreation|Mass Communications




The ability to maintain physical activity or exercise overtime is of utmost importance to the overall health of individuals. Starting an activity program as the result of peer pressure or good intentions is not enough to ensure that participants sustain this behavior when faced with barriers. Worksite physical activity programs, while seemingly convenient in nature, have always been subject to this problem. Researchers studying adherence to physical activity in the workplace have struggled with both the application of theory to this context as well as with methodological issues. As a result, this study proposes to determine factors that cause adherence to physical activity in the worksite in the context of March into May, a national worksite physical activity intervention. Unlike other research, this effort attempts to embrace relevant theory from exercise science and sports psychology, public health and communication. The application of organizational communication theory to worksite physical activity results in an unprecedented perspective of cause and effect. ^